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Preparing to skate

Make sure you are prepared for your visit to Murrayfield by wearing suitable clothing. You should dress warmly with long legged trousers which allow room for movement without being so baggy you risk getting a blade caught in them. A T-shirt or long sleeved top with a jumper is usually fine although some sessions may be colder than others so a fleece jacket will help keep you warm until you get moving. Avoid bulky or loose clothing and hats and scarves which hamper movement. Gloves are not essential but they will help keep your hands warm and are safer if you fall. One pair of sports socks is ideal.

If hiring skates, get a good fit so they support your ankles and are comfortable. You may need to try more than one size before you have the best fit. Skates should be laced tightly to fully support the ankle and reduce movement of the foot.

Your guide to safer skating

Skating can be a hazardous sport and participation is entirely at your own risk. You should be aware that cuts and injuries can result from falls, collisions or contact with other skaters. Injuries can be avoided or minimised if you take certain precautions and below is a guide as to how you and your friends can safely enjoy the Murrayfield skating experience.


Skate within your own ability and maintain a reasonable control of your speed / direction at all times. Carry children or young babies on the ice.
Read and abide by all posted signs and warnings and co-operate with rink staff. Instigate or become involved in any type of altercation with any other skater or spectator.
Maintain a proper awareness to avoid other skaters, objects or conditions on the surface of the rink. Act in a manner that may cause or contribute to your injury or injury to any other person.
Accept responsibility for knowing the range of your ability and skate within these limits. Engage in abusive, abrasive or disorderly conduct.
Leave the ice surface when resurfacing maintenance is taking place. Skate while under the influence of drugs, alcohol or other control impairing substance.
Wear gloves. Drop litter or take food or drink onto the ice surface or the surrounding barrier.
Make sure your skates properly fit and are correctly laced. Chip, throw or spray ice towards any other skater or spectator.
Make sure you skate in an Anti Clockwise direction. Sit, climb or put feet on barrier or stage.
Obey the ice stewards and the public address system. Wear hats, scarf's or long coats on the ice.
Leave the ice surface before using a mobile phone. Skate in chains of more than two people.

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