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Free Educational School Visit of the Ice Rink

Murrayfield Ice Rink is pleased to offer to any school in and around Edinburgh a great opportunity to discover and learn about the Ice World.

All through this school year we will welcome classrooms, taking them on a Free Educational Visit around the building, which boasts a great deal of history as well as modern technology.

The pupils/students will be taken on a guided tour experiencing first-hand what it takes to have ice all year around and how to keep it in a condition for all the different on-ice activities.


Murrayfield Ice Rink has served the community of Edinburgh and the Lothians for almost 60 years and we are not planning to stop anytime soon. This is why we offer the schools this Free Educational Visit giving teacher an additional learning tool for parts of their curriculum.

For more information or to make a booking, please have your teacher contact us at and we will take care of the rest...

Nursery and Primary 1 Offer


Why not add this tester session after the visit of the rink. The children will get 30 minutes on the ice to experience the joy of gliding in the safest environment possible.

The children will be equipped with helmets ; wrist, elbow and knee pads ; and obviously skates. Our resident coaches, that are certified by N.I.S.A. (the National Ice Skating Association) will be on the ice to help the children build their confidence in this new environment.

This offer is best suited for children aged 4 to 6 as skating is really demanding on core strength. Our smallest size of skates is C5.


Murrayfield Ice Rink offer this service to the school for only 90 per classroom.

For more information on how ice skating fits into Physical Education you can consult our Ice Skating for School Booklet.

If your school would like to make a booking, it can contact us either via e-mail at or by phone on 0131 337 69 33

Primary 2 to Secondary 3: Discovery Ice Skating Class


Murrayfield Ice Rink has put together for you the ultimate school trip for Primary 2 and over, combining Safety, Sport Education and of course Fun.

  • Safety: the children will go on the ice wearing helmet as well as wrist, elbow and knee pads. They will be taken on a 30 minutes group lesson lead by our resident coaches that are all accredited by N.I.S.A. (the National Ice Skating Association).
  • Our educational process is to let the pupil act, to encourage activity of exploring and testing (favoring a large amount of actions) and by changing situations to diversify the motor skills using variables (space, time, equipment, partner, actions...).
  • The fun comes after the group tuition, where for 20 minutes we put on the disco lights and some music so the children can enjoy the new skills they just learned. An Ice Steward will stay on the ice to limit the risk of accident.

Although Murrayfield Ice Rink is a private business operating without any funding or local authority grant, we are glad to offer all schools in and around Edinburgh this Discovery Ice Skating Class for only 75 per classroom. Feel free to have a look to our Ice Skating for School Booklet for a better understanding on how ice skating fits into Physical Education.

If your school would like to make a booking, it can contact us either via e-mail at or by phone on 0131 337 69 33


  • Louis wrote:

    Thank you very much for the lovely time at the Ice rink, I enjoyed it very much. I didn't know that an Ice rink would have that many pipes! I think that Murrayfield Ice Rink is probably my favorite. I would love to come again.

  • Christie wrote:

    Thank you for yesterday the children really enjoyed it! : )

  • Fergus wrote:

    Thank you for showing me around the Ice Rink. I especially enjoyed watching the surfacing machine on the ice. I never knew that hot water froze quicker when you sprayed it on the ice. It was very interesting that ice skates have a curved blade. I can hardly believe that there are ten miles of pipes.

  • Fiona wrote:

    Dear Nicolas, Thank you so much for your input today. The children enjoyed it very much. Best wishes

  • Sophie wrote:

    Thank you for such a nice trip, it was very interesting that you had 10 miles of pipes! I never knew you had different ice temperatures for different things like ice hockey and ice skating. Also I never knew you sprayed 1000 liters of hot water onto the ice. What I found was most interesting was the surfacing machine, I was so keen on riding it I almost ran onto the ice! The ice skaters looked so elegant. Overall it was a GREAT trip.

Original testimonial are on file at the Ice Rink along with many more.